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onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition full with Keygen / Regkey

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition | 543.6 MB

Create extraordinary images, inspire your creativity, and solve the most common photo problems with Perfect Photo Suite 8—a complete photo editor designed to bring your images to life and make them look their best. Work the way you want and perform editing tasks that are too time-consuming in Adobe® Photoshop®, or impossible to do alone in Lightroom®, Photoshop Elements, or Apple® Aperture®. You'll have all that you need to enhance, retouch and stylize images, replace backgrounds, and create high quality enlargements. 

ဒါေလးက Photo ေတြကိုနွစ္သက္ရာ Effect ေတြနဲ့ အလြယ္တကူျပဳျပင္နိုင္မယ္ေကာင္ေလးပါ။ သူခ်ည္း
သီးသန့္အသံုးျပဳလို႔ရသလို Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture ေတြမွာ Plug-in အျဖစ္ပါတြဲသံုးလို႔ရပါတယ္..။ ပံုေတြစိတ္ၾကိဳက္အလြယ္တကူျပင္ဆင္ခ်င္တယ္
ဆိုရင္ေတာ့သူကိုသာသံုးလိုက္ေပးေတာ့ဗ်ာ..။ Photo shop ထက္တစ္ခုပိုအဆင္ေျပနုိင္တာက လုိအပ္တဲ႔
Effect ေတြ ၊ အလင္းအေမွာင္၊ ဆိုဒ္အၾကီးအေသး၊ အျခား မိမိ ထင္မွတ္မထားနုိင္တဲ႔ ျပင္ဆင္မႈေတြအ
တြက္ သူဆီမွာပါဝင္တဲ႔ Build In Tools ေတြနဲ႔ တင္ အလြယ္တကူ ျပင္ဆင္ နုိင္မွာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ရုပ္ထြက္
အရည္အေသြးကလည္း ေကာင္း၊ အသံုးျပဳရတာလည္း လြယ္ကူ ျမန္ဆန္တာေၾကာင့္ Photo Editing သ
မားေတြအတြက္ေတာ့ ေဆာင္ထားသင့္တဲ႔ ေကာင္ေလးျဖစ္ပါတယ္ဗ်ာ။

What's New In Premium suit 8

Perfect Enhance Module
Make basic corrections that almost every image needs to go from good to great. Get automatic fixes or fine-tune your brightness, contrast, vibrancy, detail, and more.

Adjustable Filters
Enjoy over 20 adjustable Filters in the Effects module that give you the power to create any effect you want—from the popular HDR look to a vintage, Instagram®-inspired look. Add stunning dynamic contrast to your images, a sunshine glow, texture overlay, a bokeh effect after the shot, and more!

Customizable Presets
You now have the power to fine-tune every preset included in the Suite. Settings are now revealed so you can dial in the exact look you want—and save them as your own preset to use over and over again with any image.

FocalPoint is Now in the Effects Module
The best parts of our FocalPoint technology are now in the Effects module as the Lens Blur filter. Add selective focus, a cool miniature tilt-shift effect, or bokeh highlights to your photos as a seamless part of your creative stylization workflow.

New Browser
Quickly get to your images wherever they're stored—on your computer, your network, or on a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple's Photo Stream.

Time-saving Batch Processing
Automatically repeat your editing actions across multiple images from any one module or string actions together from multiple modules. Get consistent results quickly as you batch process image resizing, stylization, cropping, and even adding a visual watermark to your entire group of selected images.

Easier, Faster, Better
  • Multiple File Handling : Open and work with more than one image at a time. Move between images to edit or copy layers from one file to the next.
  • Improved Masking Bug : A more intuitive Masking Bug in the Effects and Layers modules.
  • Higher-Quality Effects : Performance enhancements improve effects by minimizing artifacts without sacrificing processing speed.
  • RAW File Handling : Open and process RAW files faster and with better quality. Support for new cameras also added.


System Requirements
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64 bit only, current maintenance releases)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon or better processor(s)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1GB Hard Disc Space
  • OpenGL 2.0 capable video card with 256 MB dedicated VRAM, 1280x720 or higher
  • Internet connection for activation, auto updates and video tutorials
  • DVD drive for installation from disk
  • Administrator privileges to install and uninstall
Optional Integration
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, 11, 12
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5 

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Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise v14.0.0.363 full with keymaker

Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise  v14.0.0.363 | 15.4 MB

AutoRun Pro Enterprise is a complete rapid application development (RAD) tool to create interactive multimedia applications for Windows - without programming. You don’t have to be a programmer, but with AutoRun Pro Enterprise you’ll feel like one. Even though it is very easy to learn and use, it has everything you need to develop professional software applications!

Would you like to distribute your product or company presentation, electronic documentation or e-product(s) on a removable storage device such as a CD, DVD or USB stick? You can create autorun CD menu now and publish your presentations, documents, files and software,… on portable media such as CDs, DVDs and USB sticks. Using AutoRun Pro Enterprise you can create an attractive and professional CD menu for your CD or DVD and a front-end menu for your USB stick (USB flash drive).

ဒါေလးက မိမိတို႔ ရဲ့ CD/DVD/USB ေတြထဲက နွစ္သက္ရာ Application ေတြကို
စိတ္ၾကိဳက္ Auto Run Menu ေတြဖန္တီးလို႔ရနိုင္တဲ့ေကာင္ေလးျဖစ္ပါတယ္။
အရင္ဆံုး ကိုယ္ Run ခိုင္းခ်င္တဲ့ေကာင္ေလးေတြကို Documents ထဲမွာရွိတဲ့
AutoRun Pro Enterprise Projects\CDROM ဆိုတဲ့ Folder ထဲမွာစုထားလိုက္ပါ။
ျပီးရင္ ကိုယ္ဖန္တီးလိုတဲ့ ဘယ္ Menu ေပၚ Click တခ်က္နွိပ္ရင္ ဘာ၊ နွစ္ခ်က္နွိပ္ရင္
ဘာဆိုတာ သတ္မွတ္ေပးျပီး Project ကိုတည္းေဆာက္လိုက္ယံုပါပဲ..။
ျပီးေတာ့မွ အဲဒီ Project.exe File ကို CD/DVD/USB နွစ္သက္ရာမွာ သိမ္းလိုက္ယံုပါပဲ။
အဲဒါကို Run ၾကည့္ရင္ ကိုယ္တည္ေဆာက္ထားတဲ့ Menu ပံုစံေပၚလာျပီး မသိရင္ ကိုယ္က
ပဲ ဒီ Program ကိုတည္ေဆာက္ထားသလိုလို မိုက္ေတာ့မိုက္တယ္။စသံုးတဲ့အခါ
 နည္းနည္း ရႈပ္ေထြးသေယာင္ ရွိေပမယ့္ နားလည္သြားရင္ သံုးရတာတကယ္အဆင္
ေျပပါတယ္။ဘာ Coding မွနားမလည္သူေတြေတာင္ ဥံဳဖြ Programer တစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္
ခ်င္ရင္ေတာ့ေအာက္မွာေဒါင္းယူျပီး စမ္းၾကည့္လိုက္ၾကပါ။

Completely Visual – No programming required

AutoRun Pro Enterprise makes it easy for anyone to create professional looking CD-ROM/DVD-ROM autorun menus. With its easy-to-use visual design environment, you don’t have to know a thing about computer programming. If you can use a mouse, you can create interactive multimedia applications with AutoRun Pro Enterprise.

AutoRun Pro Enterprise features a completely visual drag and drop environment. Simply add content such as photos, videos, music and text to your forms and position them using your mouse. We’ve even included lots of extra content like backgrounds, panels, buttons, sound effects and more to get you started. From opening documents, to running programs, viewing websites and sending email, it couldn’t be easier!

AutoRun Pro Enterprise includes 40 built-in object types. You simply add them onto a form and then edit their ‘properties’ and ‘events’ to customize them however you want. You’ll be able to layout your graphic user interface as fast as you can drag and drop!

Form Templates and Object Templates

One of the features which makes AutoRun Pro Enterprise so quick and easy to work with is the included library of ready-to-use form templates and object templates. To apply a template simply select it in the template list, AutoRun Pro Enterprise will do the rest. All you have to do is substitute your content for the placeholder content and publish. AutoRun Pro Enterprise templates guarantee professional autorun CDs for anyone, in just a few clicks!

Built-in CD/DVD Burner
Whether you prefer to distribute your projects via CD-ROM, USB stick, the internet, AutoRun Pro Enterprise makes it a breeze with the handy Publishing Wizard. With just a few clicks you can generate all the files you need to get the job done quickly and correctly. AutoRun Pro Enterprise can even directly burn your autorun CDs or ISO CD images without any need for external CD burning software.

OS : Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8

Home Page -

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Articulate Studio ’13 Pro full with patch

Articulate Studio ’13 Pro | 270.3 MB
ဒါေလးက Online သင္ခန္းစာေတြ တင္ျပခ်င္တာေတြ အတြက္ Presentation ေတြ
ေကာင္းေကာင္းဖန္တီးနိုင္မယ့္ေကာင္ေလးျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ အထူးသျဖင့္ powerpoint
အသံုးျပဳပံုနဲ႔ဆင္တူျပီး တြဲဖက္အသံုးျပဳရတာလည္းျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ဗားရွင္းအသစ္ေလးရလာ
လို႔တင္ေပးလိုက္ျခင္းျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ေအာက္မွာေဒါင္းယူလုိက္ၾကပါဗ်ာ။

Create online courses in PowerPoint with Articulate Studio, the standard in rapid authoring. Easily build courses, quizzes, and other e-learning content with a tool you already know.

New Studio Includes Mobile Publishing, Unified Player, Characters, and All-New Articulate Replay Screencasting Application.

Articulate has released Articulate Studio ’13, the industry’s leading software suite for transforming PowerPoint content into online and mobile courses. Now with a unified player, extensive character library, and HTML5 and iPad publishing options, Articulate Presenter ’13, Articulate Quizmaker ’13, and Articulate Engage ’13 set a new standard for rapid e-learning authoring tools.


Publish to Flash, HTML5, and Mobile
Let learners view content wherever they are. Just build your course, then publish it to multiple formats so learners can view it on their desktops, laptops, iPads, and more. Presenter publishes to HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player, a native app that optimizes content for iPads.

Unified Player
Articulate Presenter ’13 shares a single unified player with Articulate Quizmaker ’13 and Articulate Engage ’13, so learners navigate with one set of controls. The unified player also lets you list slide titles, quiz questions, and interaction steps on a single, consolidated menu.

Streamlined UI
We’ve completely redesigned the user interface in Articulate Presenter ’13 to give you an even faster authoring experience. With streamlined workflows and more flexible slide properties, you can create online courses from your PowerPoint slides with fewer clicks.

Add illustrated and photographic characters to your courses, quizzes, and interactive e-learning content. The character library includes thousands of combinations of characters, expressions, and poses. Extend it easily by purchasing additional Articulate character packs.

With the advanced animation support in Articulate Presenter ’13, you can apply animations to animated GIFs, SmartArt, and to text—word-by-word or letter-by-letter. And because Presenter ’13 now supports most of the animations in PowerPoint, you have more ways to bring text and objects to life.

Slide Transitions
Want your slides to fade, flip, or dissolve? Now it’s no problem. Articulate Presenter ’13 supports many of the slide transitions you build in PowerPoint.

Now you can import video in virtually any format, record it from your webcam, or embed it from websites such as YouTube. Then use the new video editor in Articulate Presenter ’13 to easily crop and trim your video, adjust the volume, or add a watermark or logo.

Custom Slide Sizes
Go big or small, portrait or landscape. Your choice. Articulate Presenter ’13 supports custom slide sizes.

Player Customization
Frame your course perfectly by fully customizing the player for your Articulate Presenter ’13 courses. Now you can control all the layout details—slide by slide—and create custom colors.

17 New Player Languages
Now it’s easier to localize the learner experience. We’ve added 17 languages to the player in Articulate Presenter ’13, including Arabic, Danish, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Resume Course
Let your learners pick up where they left off, even when courses include Articulate Quizmaker ’13 quizzes and Articulate Engage ’13 interactions.

Learn More >> Articulate Studio ’13

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BurnAware Professional v6.8 Full With Crack / Keygen

BurnAware Professional v6.8| 13.7 MB
BurnAware Professional v6.8 ဟာ အသံုးျပဳရတာ ရိုးရွင္းလြယ္ကူျပီး ေပါ့ေပါ့ပါးပါး အသံုးျပဳနုိင္တာေၾကာင့္ နွစ္သက္ၾကသူမ်ားသလို တကယ္လည္း အရည္ေသြးျပည့္ဝတဲ့ Burning Tool ေလးတစ္ခုျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ အခု ေနာက္ဆံုးထြက္ Version ေလးရလာလို႔ အားလံုးအတြက္ တင္ေပးလိုက္ရပါတယ္။

BurnAware Professional is a powerful CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying software intended for users who need maximum control over every aspect of the burning process and use multiple burners for mass-production of various discs and quick creation of disc-to-disc copies. It’s a solid piece of software that will help you cope with your daily burning tasks faster and more efficiently.

Main Feature Of BurnAware Professional

  • Burn, backup or copy your files to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs.
  • Supports recording from command-line and BAT scripts for automating routine actions.
  • Supports CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE and DVD-RAM media, including high-capacity double-layer media.
  • Supports UDF (Universal Disc Format 1.02-2.60), Bridge and ISO9660 (Level 1-3, Romeo), including Joliet Unicode extensions.
  • Append or update Multisession discs.
  • Supports multisession for DVD-RW/+RW and import of any session.
  • Burn standard or boot disc images.
  • Supports ISO and CUE/BIN image files.

  • Create Bootable CD or DVD. Use it as a very big floppy boot disc for recovery purposes.
  • El Torito creation support with advanced options: emulation type, sectors, platform, load segment and boot message.
  • Create Audio CDs. Play a CD on your traditional CD player or car stereo.
  • Supports MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, AAC and FLAC audio formats and M3U playlists.
  • Supports title and track CD-Text, including Unicode.
  • Create DVD-Video discs and MP3 CDs/DVDs.
  • Make standard or boot disc images.
  • Supports ISO and CUE/BIN image files.
  • Supports UDF (Universal Disc Format 1.02-2.60), Bridge and ISO9660 (Level 1-3, Romeo), including Joliet Unicode extensions.

  • Copy disc to ISO image. This feature can be used for disc backup, as well as for disc copying.
  • Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs. Make exact copies of your DVD-Video, Audio CD or standard Data discs.

  • Lowest CPU usage while burning and copying
  • Easiest-to-use, multilingual user interface
  • On-the-fly burning
  • Supports all types of optical drives and discs
  • Uses the most fastest and stable burning engine
  • Supports all major audio and disc image formats
  • Does not require the .NET framework or additional drivers
  • Supports Windows 8 and Windows XP/Vista/7 (both 32 and 64-bit)

What's new in version 6.8?
Released 29-Nov-2013
  • New Added new method of data size calculation.
  • New Added option to switch FileBrowser layout (View menu) between vertical or horizontal.
  • New Added option to skip folder size calculation (View menu) to speed up folder opening
  • Upd Updated translations.
  • Upd Improved performance while browsing content of compilation.
  • Upd Improved performance after burn in DVD and MP3 compilations.
  • Fix  Fixed bug with translation of registration details in About.
  • Fix  Fixed bug with incorrect data size calculation.

Supported OS:
  • Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows XP/Vista/7 (x32 & x64)


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Internet Download Manager v6.18 build 8 full with patch

Internet Download Manager v6.18 build 8 | 5.8 MB
IDM ကိုေတာ့ အားလံုးကရင္းနွီးျပီးသားျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ Download Accelerator ေတြထဲ မွာေတာ့အေကာင္းဆံုးလုိ႔ ဆိုနိုင္ပါတယ္။ နာမည္ၾကီးသလုိ အရည္အေသြးလည္း တကယ္ ေကာင္းမြန္တာကိုေတာ့ အားလံုးလည္း သိနွင့္ျပီး ျဖစ္ၾကပါတယ္..သို႔ေပမယ္
အခုေနာက္ပိုင္းမွာ Patch ခ်ိဳးျပီးတာေတာင္ Notify ျပတဲ့ Error က တက္လာပါတယ္။
အခု ဒီေကာင္ေလးမွာ ကၽြန္ေတာ္ အဲဒီ Error ကိုေျဖရွင္းျပီးသားျဖစ္တဲ့ ေနာက္ဆံုး
ေပၚ patch ေလးပါထည့္ေပးလိုက္တာေၾကာင့္ အဆင္ေျပသြားမွာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance. 

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

Version 6.15 adds Windows 8 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 10 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

Internet Download Manager Feature

All popular browsers and applications are supported!
Internet Download Manager supports all popular browsers including IE, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Avant Browser, and many others. Internet Download Manager supports all versions of all popular browsers, and it can be integrated into any Internet application to take over downloads using unique "Advanced Browser Integration" feature.

Download Speed Acceleration
Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Easy downloading with one click
When you click on a download link in a browser, IDM will take over the download and accelerate it. You don't need to do anything special, just browse the Internet as you usually do. IDM will catch your downloads and accelerate them. IDM supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols.

Download Resume
Internet Download Manager will resume unfinished download from the place where they left off. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost or dropped connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

YouTube grabber
Internet Download Manager can record and download FLV videos from popular sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Video. The best way of downloading webpage embedded videos from the Internet is here. After installing IDM, "Download This Video" button pops up whenever you are watching a video anywhere in the Internet. Just click on the button to start downloading clips.

Simple installation wizard
Quick and easy installation program will make necessary settings for you, and check your connection at the end to ensure trouble free installation of Internet Download Manager

Built-in Scheduler
Antivirus checking makes your downloads free from viruses and trojans. IDM can automatically run a scanner on download completion, like AdAware, Avast, Spybot, AVG Anti-Virus, McAfee, SpywareBlaster, CCleaner and others to protect users from harmful downloaded files.

Automatic Antivirus checking
Internet Download Manager can connect to the Internet at a set time, download the files you want, disconnect, or shut down your computer when it's done. You can also synchronize changes using periodic synchronization of files. It's possible to create and schedule several download queues for downloading or synchronization.

Advanced Browser Integration
You may simply drag and drop links to IDM, and drag and drop downloaded files out of Internet Download Manager.

Drag and Drop
When enabled, the feature can be used to catch any download from any application. None of download managers have this feature.

IDM includes web site spider and grabber
IDM downloads all required files that are specified with filters from web sites, for example all pictures from a web site, or subsets of web sites, or complete web sites for offline browsing. It's possible to schedule multiple grabber projects to run them once at a specified time, stop them at a specified time, or run periodically to synchronize changes.

Customizable Interface
You may choose the order, buttons, and columns to appear on the main IDM window. There are several different skins for the toolbar with different button styles. All skins can be downloaded from IDM home site. Also users can design their own skins.

IDM supports many types of proxy servers
For example, IDM works with Microsoft ISA, and FTP proxy servers.

IDM supports main authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Keberos
Thus IDM can access many Internet and proxy servers using login name and password.

Download All feature
IDM can add all downloads linked to the current page. It's easy to download multiple files with this feature.

Download limits
Progressive downloading with quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of megabytes per hour. The feature is useful for connections that use fair access policy (or FAP) like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.

IDM is multilingual
IDM is translated to Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Uzbek languages.

Quick Update Feature
Quick update may check for new versions of IDM and update IDM once per week. Quick updates feature lists all new features added to the latest version and asks a user if he wants to update IDM to the latest version.

What's new in version 6.18 Build 8??

(Released: Nov 28, 2013)
  • Increased the maximum number of connections to support up to 32 simultaneous connections per download
  • Improved video recognition in web players
  • Improved IDM download engine

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YouWave for Android Home 3.9 full with patch

YouWave for Android Home 3.9 | 144.9 MB
  ဒါေလးက မိမိတို႔ Windowsမွာ Android App ေတြကို အသံုးျပဳနုိင္ေအာင္ကူညီေပးမွာျဖစ္သလုိ
Tablet, Phone ေတြလိုမ်ိဳးလည္း ၾကည့္ရႈနုိင္မွာျဖစ္ပါတယ္အခု YouWave for Android Home 3.9
 ကို တင္ေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္..လိုအပ္သူမ်ားေအာက္မွာေဒါင္းယူလိုက္ပါ။

Playing with the Android emulator on your computer is a pretty geeky endeavor, but YouWave makes it easy to accomplish on your Windows PC. If you can download and install a Windows program, you can have an Android virtual machine running on your desktop in just a few minutes. All without ever touching the SDK or Sun's JDK. As a bonus, the Window it runs in has a really easy method of installing third party apps from free Android applications stores, as well as apps downloaded to your PC.

YouWave for Android
  • Runs Android apps and app stores on your PC, no phone required
  • Download thousands of apps online via app stores within youwave
  • High performance - The fastest way to run Android on pc
  • Easy to use - Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps

Key Technical Features 
  • Supports Android 4.0 ICS (Home Version (new)) and 2.3 Gingerbread (Basic Version)
  • Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit
  • Simulated SD card functionality - enables game saving
  • Saved State - enables fast restart
  • Enables multi-player online games
  • Dynamic rotating - phone-like instant response (new)
  • Volume control buttons (new)
  • Retractable control panel (new)

What's New
Version Home 3.9 ICS (November 27, 2013)
  • Support multiple screen sizes
  • Full keyboard languages support
  • Automatic proxy setting for corporate environment
  • Much more ...

Minimum System Requirements 

  • Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU, 1.5GB DRAM, 500MB disk space,
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32/64 bit

   Download >>> tusfiles  (or) afilez (or) uppit 

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2014 v4.1.8.0 full with serial

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2014 v4.1.8.0 | 21.3 MB


Powersuite 2014 - The ultimate performance solution. Without expert care, your computer is vulnerable to speed and stability problems. Monitoring and maintaining your PC isn’t the easiest of technical tasks. Equipped with a comprehensive performance solution, you will be surprised how quickly and effectively the job can get done. Start by running a full system scan to check your PC’s level of optimization and find out which areas of your system can be improved.

  Computer ရဲ႕ Performance ေတြကိုအေကာင္းဆံုးျမွင္႔တင္ေပး
ႏိုင္ပါတယ္။ RegistryBooster, DriverScanner နဲ႔ SpeedUpMyPC သံုးမ်ဳိးလံုးပါဝင္ပါတယ္။ဒီေကာင္
ေလးက မိမိတို႔ Computer ထဲကအေရးႀကီးတဲ႔ System ေတြကို တိုးျမွင္႔ေပးပါတယ္။ Registry ထဲမွာ
ရွိတဲ႔ Error ဖိုင္ေတြနဲ႔ မလိုအပ္တဲ႔ဖုိင္ေတြကိုလည္းရွင္းထုတ္ေပးပါတယ္။Hardware functions ေတြထဲ
က Old drivers ေတြကို Update လုပ္ေပးျခင္း၊ Hard disk space ထဲမွာရွိတဲ႔ မလိုအပ္တဲ႔ ဖိုင္ေတြကို
ဖယ္ရွားေပးျခင္းနဲ႕ System ေတြကို Optimize လုပ္ေပးျခင္းစတဲ႔ Functions ေလးေတြေတာ္ေတာ္မ်ား

Designed to take comprehensive care of your PC’s performance, Powersuite will improve your PC’s performance by:

  • Identifying and removing issues causing slowdown;
  • Applying effective speed tools for a boost in speed;
  • Tweaking your settings for improved responsiveness;
  • Cleaning junk files, duplicates and old backups to gain space;
  • Optimizing your hard disk for faster file access;
  • Updating your drivers to enhance hardware function.

Powersuite will tweak and manage your computer for extra speed. Activate the speed tools to power your PC’s efficiency.
Powersuite will clean up junk files and old backups, as well as compress large files to gain space. Get your files organized to enhance file access speed.
Powersuite will provide the latest driver updates for enhanced hardware efficiency.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.5GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 750 MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics mode 1024x768, High Color 16 bit
  • OS compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Active Internet Connection

Home Page :

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Loaris Trojan Remover full with crack

Loaris Trojan Remover | 56.9 MB

Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware – Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware – when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it. The majority of Anti-Malware Scanners are well able to detect malicious software – Trojan Horses, Internet Worms, Adware/Spyware etc. – but are not always efficient in removing them once they have been triggered.

က်ေနာ္တို႔ရဲ႕ဝင္းဒိုးေတြထဲမွာTrojan လို႔ေခၚတဲ့စက္ကိုေလးေအာင္၊ဟမ္းေအာင္လုပ္တတ္တဲ့ ဗုိင္းရပ္စ္တမ်ိဳးကို ဒီ Loaris Trojan Remover ေလးက ဖယ္ရွားေပးႏိုင္ပါတယ္..။ ဒီေကာင္ေလးက
 ေနာက္ဆံုးထြက္ Update ေလး Loaris Trojan Remover Final ဗါးရွင္းပါ..။ ဒီေနာက္
ဆံုးထြက္ေလးကို လိုအပ္တဲ့ သူမ်ားကေတာ့ေအာက္ကလင့္ကေန ေဒါင္းယူလိုက္ပါဗ်ာ..။ ဖိုင္ဆိုဒ္
ကေတာ့ 56.9 MB ရွိပါတယ္..


  Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners. Trojan Remover scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. Two types are available.

The Standard scan quickly scans the system with no need for further configuration of the scan parameters.The Custom scan? allows the user to select any of the folders for scan.
Are you bombarded with popup ads, seeing new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changing to unwanted destinations or are you bombarded with irritating spam? Perhaps strange software loads on startup or your favorites have new entries that YOU DONT WANT. If So.. Your PC is most likely infected with adware, spyware, spybot, trojans or another internet parasite.

These programs have the ability to track your browsing habits and even steal such personal information as bank account numbers and passwords. Spyware has the power to install more parasites on your computer without your consent. Everything you do and everything you type is being recorded right now! Companies know what your interests are! Hackers will access your PC and do anything they wish. They can even steal your Identity and You would never be the wiser!

The Solution: Download the latest version of Loaris Trojan Remover right now. You will be able to completely clean your computer of all these invasive threats! Your computer will be clean and will run alot faster – Your Privacy will be Protected!

Additional Tools:
Reset Internet Explorer Home/Start/Search Page Settings
Some Malware programs make changes to the Internet Explorer Home, Start and Search Page settings in order to re-direct the web browser to different websites. This Utility will reset the Home/Start/Search pages to standard Defaults. You can then manually reset your Home Page to your website of choice (or leave it “blank”, the default).

• Reset HOSTS file
The Windows HOSTS file is a text file which stores website addresses. The file can be used to speed up access to websites you visit often – by equating the website name (e.g. with its DNS address, the web browser can find the website more quickly as it does not have to query a DNS Name Server. Some Malware programs add entries to this file, to either deny access to websites (usually security-related or antivirus company websites), or to re-direct access to websites of their choosing.

• Reset Windows Update Policies
Some Malware programs attempt to prevent Windows Update from running, and inhibit access to resetting Windows Update by blanking out the Windows Update options on the Update configuration screen. This Utility will check the current Windows Update settings and correct them where necessary.

Home Page –

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Teorex Inpaint 5.6 Full With Serial

Teorex Inpaint 5.6 Multilingual | 8.2 MB

ေရွ႔မွာတင္ေပးဖူးပါတယ္။ အခု Update ေလးရလာလို႔ ထပ္တင္ေပးလိုက္တာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။
ဒါေလး Photo, Image ေတြထဲကမိမိမလိုခ်င္ေသာအပိုင္းကိုေရြးျပီးအလြယ္တကူဖ်က္ထုတ္နိုင္ေအာင္
ကူညီေပးပါတယ္။ စိတ္ၾကိဳက္ ပံုေတြေတြ ဖန္တီးခ်င္သူမ်ား ေဆာင္ထားဖို႔တင္ေပးလိုက္တာပါ။
အသံုးျပဳရတာ တကယ့္အလြယ္ေလး..။ ဖ်က္ခ်င္တာ ေပၚ Select လုပ္ျပီး ဖ်က္လုိက္ယံုပဲ.. ။

Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. Inpaint photo restoration software reconstructs the selected image area from the pixels near the area boundary. Remove undesirable objects from your images, such as logos, watermarks, power lines, people, text or any other undesired artefacts. There’s no need to manually go through messing around with your old clone tool any more! Now you can use Inpaint to easily remove all those unexpected objects that end up spoiling an otherwise really great photograph.
Top Reasons to use Inpaint
- Repair old photos
- Remove watermarks
- Erasing Power Lines
- Remove unwanted objects
- Digital Facial retouching
- Remove date stamps
- Erase wrinkles and skin blemishes
- Remove tourists from travel photos
- Fill black areas of a panorama
- Remove text or logo from images
- Easy to get use & started
- Completely non-technical

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Language : Multilingual
Home Page –

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Auslogics BoostSpeed v6.4.0.0 full with crack

Auslogics BoostSpeed v6.4.0.0 | 16.2 MB 
ဒါေလးက မိမိတို႔စက္ကို ေပါ့ပါးျမန္ဆန္ေအာင္ လုပ္ေဆာင္ေပးနုိ္င္တဲ့ Optimizer ေကာင္းတခုျဖစ္ပါတယ္။
Computer ေတြမွာ အသုံးျပဳတာ ၾကာလာတာနဲ႔အမွ် hang လာတက္ပါတယ္။ အဲ့လုိမျဖစ္ရေအာင္ ဒီ Software ေလးကုိ run ၿပီး တပတ္တစ္ခါေလာက္ အသုံးျပဳေပးရင္ Computer ကသြက္လက္ေနမွာပါ။
 ဒီေကာင္ေလးကအရင္ဗားရွင္းေတြ နဲ႔လံုးဝမတူတဲ့ Skin ကိုအေျပာင္းအလဲလုပ္ထားသလုိေနာက္ထပ္ 
အသံုးဝင္ Tools ေတြ Settings ေတြလည္း ထပ္မံထည့္သြင္းထားတာ ေတြ႔ရမွာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

The program will clean up, speed up and fix your slow computer to make it run as fast and stable as new.

  • Cleans up the Windows registry
  • Defragments hard drives
  • Frees up disk space
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files
  • Speeds up Internet connection

Disk Cleanup
Disk cleanup is considered to be one of the most important aspects of computer maintenance, because Windows accumulates unnecessary temporary files and other clutter that severely affects computer performance.

Disk Defragmentation & Optimization
Disk fragmentation is a phenomenon that usually occurs either when Windows fills fragmented empty space with a newly created file and splits a file to fit the bits of free space, or when a file grows and requires more space. This is how free space fragmentation eventually causes file fragmentation.

Registry Defragmentation
The registry is the core database of the Windows operating system. It stores and manages settings for all hardware, operating system software, all other applications, and user settings. The registry is altered every time software is installed or uninstalled, as well as when settings are being configured. These constant changes cause the registry to grow in size and deleting entries inevitably leads to registry fragmentation. As a result the registry loses its linear structure, which leads to increased registry access and application response time.

Internet Optimization
When it comes to Internet connection settings, most Windows-based computers use general presets that are not optimized for any particular connection type. This means that a lot of computer users' actual download/upload speed is significantly lower than the one offered by their ISPs.

File Recovery
Deleting important files by accident is a common enough mistake. Fortunately, it is possible to recover deleted files. Typically, files deleted by user, lost because of a hardware failure or a virus attack are not completely erased immediately.

Brand New Features

System Scan Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 has a brand new interface that allows you to jump straight in, selecting the desired actions. Your current system state is displayed in the main window. All major tasks, such as removing junk files, defragmenting disks and repairing registry errors can be done with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can also switch to additional tabs with optimization advice, resources usage information and advanced tools for even more control over your system.
File Recovery If you have accidentally deleted an important document or a picture - don't panic! Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 is supplied with the File Recovery tool. This program will recover accidentally deleted files or files deleted by virus attacks and software faults. Auslogics File Recovery has the ability to preview photos and even documents while browsing through the list of found files. This feature will help you to recover exactly what you need.

Disk Doctor 
This tool checks your hard drives for problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. With Disk Doctor you will be able to recover data from unreadable sectors and monitor your hard drive health. We highly recommend running this tool at least once a month. If you start seeing lots of bad sectors, it is better to make a backup copy of your important files and consider getting a new hard drive. This will save your data from being lost.
Disk Explorer Auslogics Disk Explorer is designed to help you track disk space usage. It will display an intuitive and easy to understand pie chart, that will show you the largest files and folders on your disks. By using Disk Explorer you can easily and quickly free up additional space on your disk when needed. Just select the "Top 100 files" list to see which files are taking up the most of your hard drive space and save them to a CD, DVD, or removable drive.
Improved Features
  • Disk Defrag
  • Internet Optimizer
  • Tweak Manager
  • Duplicate File Finder
  • File Shredder
  • Disk Wiper
  • Startup Manager
  • Uninstall Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Task Manager
  • System Information
  • Rescue Center
  • Browser Manager

What's new (27/11/2013)
  • Improved category rating indicators making them easier to read and understand.
  • Improved text descriptions for many program components.
  • Improved Disk Space detailed view window to display up-to-date information.
  • Added a feedback system that allows contacting customer support straight from the program window.
  • Browser Care. Improved the toolbar and add-on list to make it easier to read and understand.
  • Browser Care. Improved the browsing data cleanup feature.
  • Browser Care. Added a portable version of the application that does not require installation.
System Requirements
  • Win 8 (32 or 64 bit), Win 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista SP2 (32-bit only), XP SP3 (32-bit only)
  • 60 MB available hard disk space
  • 512 MB RAM

 Download >>> tusfiles (or) davvas (or) solifiles (or) uppit